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Feb 21, 2021
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Good morning, evening or afternoon.
I tried to log into my old Darfion account but i no longer have the email to use.

If you remember me, please say hello.

I havent picked up my Nikon for a good few years as my main focus (no pun intended) is painting watercolours.

I hope it is still ok to post my paintings on here?
Welcome to the forum and back to photography. Please take some shots of your watercolor paintings to share with us.
welcome back.
Darf!!!! :icon_cheers: Wonderful to see you back here. You first joined TPF back in 2003! It seems a shame not to be able to access that account due to email issues. Maybe I could update that email in your original account so you could access it? It'll likely prompt you to change passwords, but aside from that it should be accessible. Let me know if you'd like to give it a try - I could copy the email from this new account and paste/update the original one.

I'd love to see your paintings! JC gave you the link to the Creative Corner. Have at it!

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