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May 16, 2010
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Townsend, MA
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Am I better off getting the 18-135 IS over the standard 18-55 IS? I am getting the "NIFTY FIFTY" anda Rokinon 8mm fish eye(for fun), but want to know what is the better "kit lens".
Well, the 18-135 will give you more reach... So personally I'd go with that one.

All in all, they're both kit lenses.
Ok and what about a long zoom? I am looking at the Canon EF 75-300mm III Lens is it worth it? I can get the t2i with 18-135 and Canon EF 75-300mm III Lens for 799.95
Worth is a relative term. Both lenses are about the same Quality wise. With that set up, you would have a pretty wide rage available to you. It's a good starting point.
thanks for the input. I am also buying a Canon 50 1.8II and a Rokinon 8mm fish eye(for fun). I am just starting with DSLR's. I had a NIKON D40 a couple years ago, I loved it but I didnt have the time for the camera or the money for more lenses. I now have the time and the money for some, so I wanted a good starting point. I go to a lot of car shows and sporting events so I wanted something that was decent for all around shooting. I have kids so I wanted something that was good for kid portraits and their sports.
75-300 is generally regarded as a pretty crappy lens (from memory). I have the 18-135 and am happy with it. 135 is a pretty handy reach for the non pro user (me) who does family photos, a bit of travel and other hobby type photography.
If you are after a xx-300 lens, the tamron 70-300 (new one) is regarded as good - better than Canon's non L according to some. But the price for the lens alone will be similar to your kit. 6-700 dollars from memory.
Ok so here is what I have coming to start.... tell me what you all think....

Canon T2i with 18-135 kit
Canon 50mm 1.8II
Sigma 70-300mm Macro telephoto
Zeikos battery Grip
4 Zeikos batteries
lens filter kits for each lens
actic Pak AP200 sling bag.
Coming from an amateur like me, I think you've got a good setup. I had a 30D with the 18-135 and 55-250 as my first foray into the DSLR world. I found the 55-250 was too much 'range overlap' with the 18-135 and used the 18-135 95% of the time. The 70-300 looks like a more comfortable range overlap and gives an extra 50mm 'reach' when needed (80mm extra on the Rebel line).

I also noticed you've dropped the 8mm fisheye lens from your list. For now, 18mm should be wide enough for most of the wide shots you'll be taking. Perhaps you'll want to rent or borrow a friends 8 or 10 mm lens to see if it's what you'd like to own later on.

Use it for a while and you'll find out what kind of photography you tend to do most, and may discover you'll need different lenses to get the most out of your picture taking.

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