18-200 Nikkor Nikon DX VR Lens


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Apr 2, 2006
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Warminster, Wiltshire, UK
I have just ordered the beauty that is the 18-200 vr lense from nikon. Apart from the price tag the big drawback at the moment is getting hold of one! I ordered mine from Jessops.com for £600 with the 3 year warranty which is damn good. They say 2-4 weeks on their site although they say 5-6 weeks on their callLINE.
Any experiences with problems with getting the lense on time? Jessops in particular?

Also, if anyone can share about their experiences with the beauty please write cause i'm too damn excited!

I read a review in a magazine about that lens and they give it an overal score of 89%. Performace got the lowest rating.

I was thinking about getting this lens myself until I read the review.

I have now opted for http://www.fredmiranda.com/reviews/showproduct.php?product=113&sort=7&cat=28&page=1

I have had it on order from jessops for 2 weeks now and I'm still waiting.
When new products are launched there is always a problem getting hold of them. We just have to be patient.
lol badger. If i saw someone using one, i'd kill them and run with it. Or equally, probably steal for the first time in my life from a show window if it was displayed!!

I actually rang up jessops yesterday and they said the ORDER is coming in mid-august!! Probably not for me because i'm amongst thousands!

So, i cancelled the order. Then scouted the net again and found bristol camera's, they're doing it for £480! £490 delivered and they quoted mid-july. THing is.......that's not going to hapenned but i've saved £70 none the less and i'm now WAITING......YUP.....WAITING.

I heard about some lens problems but with the lens creep its not bad. All the other zooms creep but this one doesn't need a lock when its in at 18mm. Brillianto.

Oh and i'll be selling my 18-70 when i get it so let me know if you want that (which i doubt you do but its spotless!)

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