18% Gray Card Set 8X6" 6X4" for White balance exposure

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    If we set the reflection ratio to 100% (as maximum) and decrease progressively as common ratio of 2, we'll get the density value of full-level diaphragm: 100, 50, 25, 12.5, 6.25, 3.125…… if the reflection ratio decrease progressively as square root of 2, we'll get the density value of half-level diaphragm: 100, 70.71, 50.35, 36.25, 17.68, 12.5, 8.84, 6.25, 4.42, 3.125…… Actually those values are just different grey values in different grades. We take it that the standard exposure value is 17.68, then those values beside it will be its exposure latitude.

    the price: $7.99

    more details:
    18% Gray Card Set 8X6" 6X4" for White balance exposure

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