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Apr 17, 2006
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queensland, australia
:heart: Hi guys.. today i set up a little studio area (the real studio is still on the drawing block:lmao: ) by a large window, and tried out the 'foil covered board' technique which hopefully i got right by calling it reflective lighting/bouncing ? sorry! xx Anyway just used the only white sheet i had which had an embossed pattern on it (bugger!) Was actually really happy with some of the shots... played away with the controls and have just charted all the data to try to learn the settings that work & those (few!) that didnt xx my little way of learning. I slightly adjusted levels, curves &/or contrast in photoshop. I have read that many books but find that im learning more from this site... love it.. Anyway, enough dribble, here are a few that i was REALLY happy with... so fire away, your feedback is invaluable xxx LOL:heart:

#1..M..1/30..f3.5..100iso..18mm....Hate the wrinkled/wavy sheet in this one! & oops.. cut off my boys foot xx


#2...Av..1/60..f3.5..100iso..18mm...adjusted the curves more on this one to bring out his precious hazel eyes.. not sure if it's 'legal' though. plus forgot to crop out the right bottom corner oops xx

#3...Av..1/13..f8..100iso..48mm... a few stray hairs behind ear oops xx

#4...Av..1/13..f8..100iso..48mm..maybe not 'sharp' enough xx

#5...Av..1/25..f5.6..100iso..33mm...'the cuddlers' xx and that damn wrinkly sheet!

#6...Av..1/6..4.0..100iso..30mm...deep in thought "i can't believe i have red hair!" xx

#7...Av..1/4..f4.0..100iso..25mm...poser! xx

#8... Av..1/10..f3.5..100iso..21mm...gotta love those sad-puppy eyes xx

Thanks for looking ! xx Ps... my staffy was most disturbed he did not make it inside for the shoot xx LOL:heart:
Wow, this is great. i read an article about using reflectors the other day. Seems like it works really well. I love the composure of the dog ones. I think you should have taken a lot and then you would have had more chaff and hopefully more quality pictures as well. I love the way you caught the subtle tones on the boys face. great stuff! Keep it up.
twelve views and only 1 reply......that cannot be good xx comments or critique please guys??!!! xx LOL - a little impatient tonight x
A very nice series! Don't crop that second one though... just clone in what's missing. I prefer the 4th over the 3rd... I've never been a fan of seeing the bottom of the nose.

If you have the room, move your subject further from the background, allowing it to go out of focus. That will soften the wrinkles.

Very nice! Every post better and better.

These are great... !! What camera do you use??? How far away from the window was he?? ? SO many questions but I am curious to know! Im beginning to think my camera isnt the greatest.. !!

Anyway. I LOOOVE #5.. Its just soooo darn CUTE!
Like Christie said - Try to get your model to be further from the background.. It helps a lot with the wrinkles...
Yippeeee!!! Thanks again guys... I am really feeling like i'm getting it now xx And thanks for the [move subject further from background] tip... I was wondering why those bloody wrinkles wouldn't blur at a wide aperture???!!!! Oh well, i am learning. xx Bit of a dawk i suppose, but i have started a notebook of TPF favourite tips to study and learn from xx Cheers xx LOL xxx

Holly, I use a CAnon 350D which came with an 18-55mm & 75-300mm lens.... and i am in love totally! xx hoping to buy the much raved about 50mm 1.8 lens soon. Looking at the photo, the glass sliding door was to the left and the foil board to the right.. He was quite close to the glass, maybe just under a metre. xx

Any comments on the colours/lightness of #2... Like i said, this was actually my fave (#6 a close 2nd). I just want to know if it is 'sell-able'... not that im selling it! but just to get an idea of if it works 'professionally'.. I think the more dramatic curves adjustment makes his skin look perfect and his eyes beautiful ??? xx LOL xx

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