1st Portrait try.


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Sep 26, 2005
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Milton, Florida
Here's my 1st try using a light meter,studio light and and a decent background. The subject is my hubby Jello ;-)
I need honest feedback..tear it apart good or bad.Trying to improve all aspects of my photography..

Thanks for looking!

Looks pretty good. ALthough I am no professional, the only two things that kinda bother me are One, his expression. The other thing that kinda bothers be is that the differece in color on his face, by that I mean the tones of the window light and the studio lighting.
Thanks ClarkKent for your input..Jello really can't get a smile after his stroke, so it's pretty much his best :)
And the lighting was outside under the patio, the right side(his left) is natural light. I tried balancing it out with putting up a big sheet but guess it wasn't dark enough. But it was a nice learning experience.

Thanks again....
Not bad Trish ! I like the back drop and your set up here. Alittle dark and grainy for studio lighting. did you use the 580EX and your 430EX slave here? But other than that... it's a great Portrait shot, especially for your first go around. Keep at it, your coming along very well. And remember Trish, focus on the eye balls and everything else will fall in place. Great shot girl !
The background is casting a yellow tone onto your subject. Move him farther away from it. Is the background a backdrop? Or is it a wall corner? It seems split in half tonally, as well as by the plant. Maybe move the plant around to keep it from dividing the backgound in half, or move the subject to his right to balance the plant.

The lighting ratio from one side of his face to the other is a bit too strong for color, although I think it would be nice for BW.

Overall I like it. I just think you need to fine tune it.
I really like the background arrangement. The expression - looks too
conscious of the photo-making process. Maybe if he was looking just a
bit over your right-shoulder (if you were to be standing behind the
camera), more candid..towards the natural-light.
Thank 2frames and Depth, I'll make sure of the look on the faces of people I take photo's of. Everyones input has really been helpful. :) thanks!!!

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