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May 24, 2006
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Here are some of my pictures......let me know what you like & don't. Explain in newbie dialogue how to make the shots better. I'll add some to the gerenal gallery as well.



Some black & white



hmm, it's hard to make suggestion as to what would make them better. I think they're quite pleasant. #2 i like most.

Not so keen on the sepia conversions, the colour is just too strong IMO and over powering and the B&W is a little too flat
Oh, I'm afraid I have to agree with JohnMF on the sepia tinted versions: I would so much rather see a spring willow in its wonderful spring green, but that is possibly just me and my craze for that particular colour.

The second I find a bit busy, which means there is very much going on but hardly one anchor point for the eyes to stop and rest and take in the frame.
But that is not quite so true for the first photo, for there is that one tree in front of all the others which offers that kind of subject. Plus in the first I like the colour distribution and overall composition - actually that first is quite clear with green at the bottom, blue at the top and the tree(s) in between, the one nearest to us a bit on the left.
Sepia's not doing it for me either. Otherwise, I think youre on the right track!

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