1st wedding woes


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Dec 22, 2005
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honolulu, hawaii
shooting my first wedding today. (actually second shooting my first wedding. lol). i was packing up some equipment last night and sure enough, it wasnt all smooth. first i couldnt ind my tripod, then i couldnt find my memory card case.after a little searching through bags, i found what i was looking for and i figured the worry was over. then i wanted to make sure my batteries were charged, and sure enough, the battery on my backup camera (300d), was damn near dead, and the charger is no where to be found. i left it at a friends house the night before, and now have no means of recharging. i can probably get 100 shots off the last bar of battery as long as i dont use a flash. but hopefully it wont come down to that. it is, afterall, just a backup.

let the fun part begin...:(
Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

From here on out, you'll probably start packing up and running checks about a week in advance...... ;)
i just found out about it last night, so i didnt really have time to get ready. lol.
i just got home, so ill be resizing and posting soon
i love the composition of the ring shot, but its a bit underexposed. the shot of the groom is great, though i will normally do a bit of retouching on the faces to take care of blemishes.

nice work! hope the dying battery didnt cause too much trouble. I have spare batteries, but the 300d and 20d also use the same batteries and charger, so i always have mutliples (read: overkill) of everything

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