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2 flowers

M @ k o

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May 12, 2005
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Florida U S A
Picked these off my friends house down the road and ran !

Just thought these were kinda striking. Those nails are my wifes... not mine, just in case someone gets wise and ask :lol: . Anyways check it out.





Thx for lookin ;)
These are gorgeous.. That purple one what is it? Its stunning to look at!!
These are amazing flowers. Nicely captured. What unique lookin flowers.

Was gonna ask about the nails bro...but you alread explained:lmao: I was pretty relieved to find out they were not yours. :lol:
great colours in these m@ko, good stuff man :thumbup:
great shots man, that purple one is crazy, so intricate... i've never seen anything like that... the purple wavy lines reminds me of a sea anemone.
LOL Chiller !

Yeah I thought these were pretty unusual lookin. I think I'll add in alittle comp next time. Took 15 mins or so til the purple one closed up.

I have no idea Holly, but will find out and pm you.

Thx for lookin all !
I love these..the stark white background makes the flowers seem like they are blooming from the pages..tell your wife Hi from us.. :)
do you not get passion flowers (the purple ones) in the stats as the a right pain in our garden when the millions come into flower ill get some shots for ya loving the colors dude

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