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May 30, 2013
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duluth, mn
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Hey everyone, just wanted to post my sites in here in case someone has a burning desire to check out my work. You can view my portfolios on my website at 20belowphotography.com or come chat and become a fan on my facebook page. Thanks!
You do some interesting landscape photos, I like the perspective you used in many of them, very cool.
It's a start; some thoughts for improvement: Change the 'who is' image. Yes, you have a cute dog, but I'm not hiring him/her to shoot. People like to see a picture of the person they're potentially going to be paying a lot of money to. A confident, casual portrait will be a big help (but, if you must use that image, LEVEL it - you're hardly likely to attract to much business if you don't even take the most basic post-processing steps with your own work.

Modify your template so that there's no horizontal scrolling and only minimal vertical scrolling required. People are lazy; if it's not there in front of them, they're not likely to look too hard. On that note, lose the 'enter' page. It's one more annoying step. Did I mention, people are lazy? There's nothing that tells me how much you will charge to shoot a wedding, nor if you do other sorts of work... a 'rates' page might be an idea if you are seriously accepting commissions. As well, lose the g-mail address; nothing says "pro" like free-mail, and don't forget to include links to your social media 'sites!

You have some nice images, but the text of your 'site needs a MAJOR overhaul. Quite frankly, it looks like it was drafted by a teenager on a smartphone; use capitol letters where they're needed, use proper punctuation, and spell-check everything.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

As a consumer the name of your company would really confuse me. When I hear 20belowphotography, I start thinking about really cold things. I'm expecting to see some awesome snowscapes, and maybe some polar bears (ok, maybe that last part is just me being a silly southerner with outrageous stereotypes). Anyway, I just think that there's a big difference between what you set up as an expectation and what you deliver.

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