20D spot metering.


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Jan 30, 2005
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York, UK
It hasn't been a problem for me yet, but I was wondering what tricks you 20D owners use to get around the lack of spot metering on this camera. I'd like to have something up my sleeve for the inevitable day when I really need it.

Oh and 'buying a 30D' doesn't count as a trick!
mal said:
Oh and 'buying a 30D' doesn't count as a trick!

well, since you dont want a 30D, get a 5D :D i kinda like them myself but im sticking with my 35mm EOS A2 (has spot metering) till i can afford to pony up enough for a digital...
DocFrankenstein said:
Zoom in, meter, zoom out.

Or walk closer, meter, walk back. ;)

I'm used to using a Sekonic 508 meter, which has a 1 degree spot, and I'm not really finding the 9 degree partial metering on the 20D to be a problem.

EDIT: Whoops, that's not supposed to be 9 degrees, but 9%. 9% of the angle of view of an 18mm lens on a x1.6 DSLR is about 6 degrees. With a 50mm lens it's less than 3 degrees.
Bracket? Look at the little screen and guess if it's right and bump the exposure dial until you get it approximately looking good. That's kind of what I do.

I guess they think that spot metering is more of a pro (or advanced) feature. Also, they like to tout their 98 (or whatever) zone matrix metering... :roll:

People have been asking for a spot meter...and the 30D now has it. They were just a little behind the times.
Haha, so true. I've found that zooming in and using partial metering is fine for most things. I definitely wasn't willing to pay another £300 for spot metering and selectable drive speeds.
Do yourself a favor and buy a good handheld meter with a spot. It comes in handy for many applications, and is essential if you are going to be working with studio equipment.

At the minimum you want ambient meter. A flash meter is a absolte must when working in studio or outside with a flash.

Then there are spot meters. Dedicated - meaning they only do spot metering and "multimeters" - my word. ;) The multimeters meter everything you can think about =- ambient, spot, flash... flash spot, lux... landles... cine speeds...

If you spend 500 bucks, you can get a multimeter. I don't really need a spot meter, so I have a seconic L-358.

Does all I need
mal said:
That's useful to know actually. You think you could tell me a little more about how they work and where I could get one?
try google

handheld meter faq
ambient metering
spot metering

You'll be amazed!

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