24-70 f/2.8 ii


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Oct 20, 2014
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Warren, Michigan
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so, after careful consideration... I bought my 5dmkiii.... Then instead of getting my corresponding 70-200mkii, I snagged a 24-70 ii to be used as a walk around every day lens. I have a 50 f/1.8 and the 100 f/2.8 macro to serve as interim portrait lenses until a much later date when I can get the 70-200.
Very nice! Congrats on the camera & lens! I see you also own the STM version of the 50mm.
Yes I do have the STM 50. Doesn't get as much use as it should, but working on fixing that. I am Loki g forward to getting a lot of use of the 24-70 f/2.8 ii as well. Taking both of them with me to San Jose for the next week. Would have loved to get some pics of the Winchester House, but the training seminars I'll be doing will get out too late.

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