2nd Photo Shoot: Local Rap Artist

Taralyn Romero

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Oct 25, 2005
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.... C&C welcome! I know some of the blk/whites are not callobrated correctly -- for some reason or another, I'm having problems converting some of the color photos. However, any feedback on the composition or otherwise would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty happy with a couple of these but had a hard time relating to the artist (I guess that's all part of the job though... be nice, I'm still learning:blushing: ).

These photos were taken for PR purposes for a local rap artist.







Good stuff Taralyn! They will serve their purpose perfectly.
The only shot I don't care for is #3. I think it's the combination of his eyes and the pose. It makes him look like maybe he's 'on something' and just kind of slouched up against a wall.
I especially like the first and last :thumbup:
The first one is amazing. id recomend shooting him in color. the brick really compliments his complexion.the black and white are a little flat so if you have color versions of them id love to see them. i also see quite a bit of noise. is that just the uploaded version or is the noise in the orginal as well?
This is a fantastic series! #1 is my favorite here. You captured him very well.
Thank you everyone - in hindsight, I'd have to agree that #3 definitely has a certain "funny something" type of look to it! hah!

Onyx: I have color version and will re-post those soon. I actually liked all the pictures better in color but was trying to earn some "street/grit" points by transfering them to blk/whte.

Elsaspet: Thank you so much! I really admire your portrait/people work so that means a lot to me.
Other than what's been said...(not all have loaded yet, so I may add on later)...the only thing I'm noticing is the reflection in his glasses in 4...I believe that's you I see. :) That's kinda distracting.
wow, that first photo is outstanding. great composition, lighting and pose. I love it. The others aren't as strong. Very good series though. He should be happy with these.
Another vote for the first image!
#1 and 2 do it for me! you did real well taralyn... some neat comps.. and i like your bw :)

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