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Jan 14, 2012
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Columbus, GA
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Hey fellow photogs! I have been honing my photography skills and slowly turning the hobby into a business. I have been focused mainly on families and senior potraits but I would love to begin venturing into the wedding field. I am by no means ready to start offering and charging for these services since I have zero experience with weddings. My question is how do I approach other photographers about second shooting for them? I am a military wife and my business started in WA state so most of my network is located there but I am now staying in Ohio and have zero connections. Do I simply email some photographers and offer to assist them?

Any advice would be appreciated : )
Offering your services is great. An email or message saying who you are, what you are looking for, what you can offer- is a great approach. Offer to help with non wedding shoots, show your work. Dont expect to get - expect to give. You will get lots oh nos and no responses. But if you even get one yes, its worth the effort.

I never had the opportunity to shadow or second shoot. I asked, but people were too worried about "another photographer" coming into the industry. Now, when I am contacted, I will take that photog for coffee, chat, and offer them to help on a really ****ty shoot. (cold, wet, weird, hot, long weekend etc). If they step up, I'll be game to offer some assistance. If they bail on the grunt work, they don't want it enough so I won't waste me time.

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