3 month old sony dsc-H1


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Jan 29, 2006
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owen sound ont canada
i have a very new H1 up for sale . i love this camera , its amazing what comes out of it considering im very new with all this .one thing it doesnt have that i need is a hotshoe . i have to take lots of pics for my duaghters gymnastic club , and the lighting is hoorid in there . a good flash is a must

it comes with the 1.7x tele lens plus adapter . (worth 200 canadian)

it also comes with 3 set of sony batt and charger

the camera comes with a full year warrenty (canadian)

i sell work for an electronic store and this was my personal camera .since i pay cost i dont write myself and invoice. and will write a receipt on the day its purchased . not sure if its good in the us but i can look into it if your interested .

im asking 525 us +shipping
or 575 canadian +shipping


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