3 of my Poems, 2 on Skyscrapers...and one on being Bi-Sexual

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    I wrote all these 3 in the last 24hrs.

    I have a passion for skyscrapers...and I thought I would write a poem or two, and skyscrapers were the first things I though of.​

    skyscrapers I love them all
    skyscrapers are very tall
    Skyscrapers are covered in glass
    Skyscrapers kick ass
    Skyscrapers show a citys power
    everyone dreams of a new tower
    Skyscrapers upwards to space
    Guy's Tower won the ugly race
    Skyscrapers take years to build
    But only after the office space is filled
    Skyscrapers are oh so high
    If you jump off one, you're sure to die
    Guys Tower

    The other...

    Skyscapers are s***e,
    Skyscrapers are over-rated and s***e,
    People die when their plane flies into them, at night,
    A big lump of brick sticking up out of the ground,
    To build such a thing, is the tax payers pound,

    Filled with big shots and overpaid staff,
    Spending their time on the internet, having a laugh (Sned),
    Getting paid for working, tooth, nail and bone,
    Yet, these same ****s are the ones who ask; 'hold', on the phone,

    Some are modern, retro, you can go up to the 72nd level,
    Others look like the brick equivalent of Gary, or Phil Neville,
    Often the target for bombs or big money raids,
    These ugly-looking things, that start with the turn of a spade.

    And the last one about myself being bi-sexual...

    Which Way?

    Like a pendulum I swing both ways

    I keep thinking, is it just a phase?

    XX or XY

    I can’t have both, can I?

    This isn’t the way I was taught

    Thinking of coming out, I’m so overwrought

    A pick of two, I should have it easy

    but sometimes, I just feel sleazy

    in the gym I can’t help but ogle

    Is he isn’t he, it makes my mind boggle

    What about women, I like them too

    I’m stuck, I don’t have a clue

    To boxing or the ballets?

    Like a pendulum I swing both ways

    Comments please :)


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