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Feb 15, 2006
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I noticed on PS CS2 you can change a photo to 32 bits. When I convert my NEF files to tiff I only have the option of converting to a 16 bit images in Nikon Caprue. If I change the 16 bit tiff to a 32 bit tiff will this actually make a difference since the original file was 16 bit?
No, when you save in a lower format you lose the extra data as far as i'm aware. So it is gone forever unfortunately :(
I believe that 32 bit is higher than your camera is capable of...I don't think any digital cameras are that high yet.

Photoshop may be capable of images that deep...but I don't see an advantage of 'up sampling' the color depth of your images to 32 bit.
Only the HDR stuff builds up to 32 bits, that and synthetic renders. Besides your editing options get real small in 32 bits and your monitor can not even display the whole picture gamut, hence tone mapping part of HDRI.

-Shea :mrgreen:
When up-sampling an image from 16 to 32, data cannot be "invented" by photoshop. Going to 32 bit only doubles the file size. Same when taking a 8 bit jpeg and up-ing it to 16 bit. The program can't add data that is not there, the only result is a bigger file/lost drive free space.
I don't think there are monitors that are capable of viewing 32-bit.
Edit: Oh, it was already written in this thread. >.o

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