35 mm photo developing in NYC


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Jul 22, 2003
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Hello all, can anyone recommend a quality 35mm photo development lab/shop located in Manhattan.

I recently took 10 rolls of film for a wedding including 1 b&w roll and would like to have the pictures processed by a reliable outfit.

This will be my wedding gift.

Thank you for your time.
i would try Alkit photo ... they do photo quality prints ... 8x10's are about $10 a pop ... but 4x6 are a lot cheaper

here's the link

Hey! I live in NYC and I recently had some prints done (and mounted) by Duggal Visual Solutions, on 23rd street. These were also a gift, so it was really important they looked good. My mind was officially blown on how good they looked when I got them back from Duggal. Like they should be in a gallery. They're a little pricey for average, but it's worth it to have peace of mind you're getting the best. Highly recommended.
this is their website: www.duggal.com
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