35mm SLR Lens on a DSLR Body


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Mar 19, 2006
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Can it be done? I have a 35mm SLR Canon Eos Rebel Xs, I also have a Promaster telephoto lens. I would like to buy a DSLR (I was looking at a Nikon, cant remember the model) camara but would like to know if I can use my telephoto lenses on that camara. Sorry for the noob question. TIA

if the lens is a canon EF fit it will work with any canon DSLR, any lens used on a DLSR (unless especially made for a DSLR) will work as long it is the right lens fit, all that will change is the focal length as many DSLRs and all current Nikin DSLRs have a focal length conversion rate of around 1.4x - 1.8x. due to the size of their sensor.

hope this helped

... the lens that fits ur canon would not work with a nikon DSLR i think.

So if I buy a Canon DSLR body, I can use all the lenses I have now?
You apparently may have to send some away to get them chipped so the camera recognises thm but after that they should work.
MPowerM3 said:
So if I buy a Canon DSLR body, I can use all the lenses I have now?

Yes. There are adapters also I believe for using Canon lenses with other bodies, but you might lose AF and metering.

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