4 One Gallon Storage Bottles

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    Virgin Bottles

    4 One Gallon (3.79 liters) White Bottles.

    These bottles were used to set up a automated packaging machine. Only water was used to give the bottles weight during the conveyor and package operations. These bottles are clean and are great to use for your darkroom chemical storage.


    I bought 8 from the packaging company for my needs with alternative printing chemicals as well as for the black and white chemicals. After I told this company how well they worked and how pleased I was, I told them that I think other film photographers could use these low cost bottles.
    A box of 4 bottles is $2.00 with $11.00 for 1st class shipping through the USPS. I know the shipping sounds high but that is what it actually costs, (I had to buy the boxes also). The box weighs almost nothing but it is the size, 12" x 12" x 12" that drives up the price. If you are in the neighborhood the cost would be $2.00 total. Stop by, have an Old Style and a shot of tequila while we sit by the fire pit and enjoy a stogie.

    Check prices on single bottle shipping from other sellers and you will see that one bottle will cost from $6.00 to $8.50 for shipping alone.
    Total price for those that live in the 48 States would be $13.00 and that makes each bottle a cost of $3.25

    The pictures show the 4 on a table and you can see that they have a nice handy handle. The second picture shows them in the box. All chemical bottles brown, white, black should not be stored in direct sunlight. Store your chemicals in these bottles and place them back in the box for extra security.


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    I need some of these to hold down my pool cover!

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