4x5 sheets problems with light inside the film


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Jul 8, 2021
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I would like to ask if someone knows what is the problem with these 4x5 sheets. As you see some light has come inside the film and don't know from were. I don't think is a problem with the below as I took other pictures with the same below without having any issue. It might be a problem with the holders, the way I take out the black plastic that covers the film In the holder when I take the picture?

Many thanks for your help!
105 copy.jpg
106 copy.jpg
107 copy.jpg
It's a light leak in the camera somewhere. Either the bellows, lens board or film holder. Some time spent in a dark room with a small flashlight will probably reveal it.
I can't see how any of those explanations could account for the straight edges in the first two. I can't see a way of achieving that as a deliberate effect by any means other than first masking the top and edge, and then opening a hole in the bellows etc. to produce the fogging. This is far too involved to be an accident if those are the mechanisms behind it.

I have no idea as to cause.
Ever notice a sharp edge on a shadow?

It works both ways.
Light Leak.jpg
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There really is not enough info from the Op but it reminds me very much of a guy who's films came adrift from their holders in the dev tank and stuck together partially overlapping and so being partially developed in some areas, just a guess tho' :confused-72:
Hello guys,

many thanks for your replies, I am very new in LF, my guess is that the problem is the holder, for these pictures I remember to take out the dark slide from the holder when it was placed in the camera, and then wait for more than 30 minutes until I take the picture. Someone told me that I shouldn't do that and might be this is the problem. I have read that we should completely remove the dark slide and when I have take other pictures without removing the dark slide was fine and no leaks.

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