5 Good Tips for Taking Kids' Photos

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    Here are 5 good tips for shooting photos of babies and children.

    1. Get them to pose properly
    Easier said than done. Getting children to pose for photos can be frustrating and can often result in your children appearing tense. Involving a toy or another person for the child to interact with while photos are taken often helps child subjects to display a broader range of emotions, especially of happiness, which is what you want.

    2. Get down to the level of the child
    Getting down to the level of the child will make them more comfortable and give you a better view of their features. If you are outside, wear clothes that you won't mind getting dirty so you can kneel down at any moment.

    3. Use a camera that you can operate quickly
    Using a camera that you can operate quickly and keeping the photography equipment to a minimum also helps you get a great shot before your child's attention wanders, as you can be sure they won't hold a fleeting pose while you change lenses.

    4. Use a wide angle lens
    Using a wide angle lens can often give a pleasant view of a baby, because their body parts are already a bit out of proportion and the perspective offered by a wide angle lens will exaggerate this.

    5. Use natural lighting
    Natural lighting coming from a window will also give a more gentle and nostalgic feeling to your photographs and will also react better with the skin tone of a baby.


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