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Apr 9, 2009
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Mary Meeker's recent yearly report 'State of the Internet" claims 500 million photos are uploaded to the internet every day.
Mary Meeker?s must-read state-of-the-Internet slide deck » Nieman Journalism Lab

A billion photos every 2 days. 15 billion a month. 183 billion a year.

Point and Shoot digital camera sales are being eroded by mobile device cameras.
Nikon and Canon combined sell something like 25 million P&S cameras yearly, and combined sell about 15 million DSLR's.
And Nikon and Canon expect sales to increase every year.

Factor in mobile device cameras, and 500,000,000 new photos being added to the internet daily seems pretty accurate.

Current sales numbers are hard to come by, but here are some camera sales number sources from recent years:
Canon Raises Full-Year Profit Outlook on Lower-Than-Expected Quake Impact - Bloomberg
UPDATE 1-Nikon outlook breezes past expectations, cameras strong | Reuters

How many new photos will be added to the Internet daily in 5 years?
Factor in mobile device cameras, and 500,000,000 new photos being added to the internet daily seems pretty accurate.

Plausible, possible even, but there is no way to say the estimate is 'accurate' based on the growth numbers.

That's like saying that there are lots more holes being dug because of the shovel sales.
I've Googled a few rough numbers...

Right now there are roughly 4.5 billion people with mobile phones.
Roughly 1.5 billion of these phones are smartphones.
It is estimated that somewhere between 2015 and 2017 nearly every mobile phone used by people will be smartphones and that there will be roughly as much phones in use as there are people on the planet.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that about 80-90% of all uploaded photos are uploaded through mobile devices...
Let's say roughly 80% of these are done through phones (and the rest through tablets and such).
That's about 400-420 million per day.
Given 1 billion phones that's about .4 images per phone per day.

If in 5 years the amount of phones will roughly be equal to the amount of people on the planet that would be about 7 billion phones.
That would equate to about 3 billion per day.

This is a rough estimate which doesn't think about the amount of people actually uploading photos with their phone. I'm sure loads of people that have smartphones do not upload photos and I wouldn't be surprised if I could roughly double those 3 billion...
Sooo... My final guess? I don't know... Somewhere between 3-5 billion a day?

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