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Feb 21, 2016
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Is the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E compatible with the Nikon D60?
I don't think so.
Now I'm confused. First answer was "Yeppers" and second was "I don't think so". Help!

The D60 may predate the requirement of the 200-500's electronic aperture control.

Traditional pre-E lens to actuate aperture (uses little tab in center of image):


Nikkor 200-500 E lens (does not have that little aperture tab):

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From the NIKON USA web site at What is an electromagnetic aperture? | Nikon Knowledgebase this is Nikon's official explanation

" Type E lens aperture blades are controlled with a motor which receives power and the control signal from the camera body, this provides highly accurate control of the rounded diaphragm blades, delivering enhanced stability of auto exposure control during continuous shooting. In comparison, D or G-type lens aperture blades are controlled with a mechanical lever.

As the electromagnetic aperture requires additional power from the camera, not all cameras are compatible with type E lenses.
  • D1 series, D2 series, D40 series, D50, D60, D70 series, D80, D90, D100, D200 and D3000 are not compatible. Other D-SLR cameras are compatible.
  • The Nikon 1 J5 is not compatible when used with the FT1 mount adapter. Other Nikon 1 series cameras are compatible when the FT1 mount adapter is used.
  • Film cameras are not compatible with type E lenses.
  • Teleconverters - many current teleconverters are compatible with type E lenses, however autofocus may be limited depending on the combined aperture of the lens and teleconverter and whether the camera supports autofocus at f/8."
By "not compatible" I think Nikon actually means to say that the 200-500mm lens will shoot EVERY photo on a "not compatible" d-slr camera with the lens diaphragm wide-open, and in the case of the 200-500 zoom that would be at f/5.6, and that that there will be no way to select any other lens aperture. That is what Ken Rockwell has stated with regard to E-diaphragm new type Nikkors. He has a good review of the 200-500 VR lens here:
Nikon 200-500mm VR Review

This discussion linked to below talks about the earlier PC-E series models, but a ways down mentions the first "common" E model, the new 300mm f/4 E model. Nikon E lens compatibility chart? - Photo.net Nikon Forum

It seems that a number of the Pre-2007 Nikon bodies can shoot with the 300/4 E or the 200-500 VR-E lens, but they will NOT have shutter priority, nor AUTO ISO capability, and as stated, the E-diaphragm lenses will fire EVERY shot at their widest f/stop when used on non-compatible Nikon d-slr cameras.
Good knowledge guys.I guess it pays to ask before just blindly buying something oh yea its nikon for nikon its going to work great.Bong wrong.

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