580ex burnt my pants!


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Oct 15, 2007
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Dublin, Ireland
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...And not just the 580ex but the SB25 took a nip out of them too!

So it's new years eve and I'm wearing my Calvin Klein pin stripe for the second time only. We're all together (14 of us) in a white room so Mr Photographer here with adequete dosages of liquor in him gets a bright idea (as we snapheads do). I thought to myself I'll set up a couple of flashes to bounce of the walls and hope for a few nice ambient snapshots. So I put the receivers on the flashes and wanted to test that they'd flash from the test button on the transmitter as you would, in doing so I don't want to blind people so I put the flash on my lap under the table. This is where the shock horror begins....
I tripped the SB25 and saw a mark and thought "you're drunk ya monkey don't be ridiculas". Then I tripped the 580ex and not only did I see smoke but I could smell the smoke from the scorch...

The moral of the story is don't hold flashs against your good threads - or always keep a flash handy in case you're ship wrecked and need to start a fire on some remote desert island.

btw there are 2 marks but I just snapped one for you.

Lol, i got an old flash and i burnt the car seat!
I though that i was the only who could do that! =)
A few weeks ago, my friend showed me what it feels like to take a 430ex on my bare arm at close range... ever since I've been a little bit scared of mine! ;)
Always thankful for insightful tips. :lol:

BTW, :lol::lol::lmao::lmao::lol::lol: on the PM.
An old wedding photographers trick is to let loose with a close flash at the P&S Daddy-in-law when he decides to steal your shot. A 400 W.S. Lumidyne will make hair burn from a few feet away. Well, it smells like burning hair anyway. I wouldn't do it to Mom-in-law if it looks like she has a half a can of White Rain in her hair. Might cause a 3 alarm fire. It does leave a little "sunburn" every time.
I noticed the batteries in my 580 EXII got extremely hot this past Sunday after about 120~ shots at a WWE show.

I was thinking something was wrong with either the batteries or the flash until I did a little research and found out shooting that many pictures so closely together will do that.

I switched the batteries after letting the flash cool for a couple of minutes, and it was fine.

Next time, I'll certainly try to take my time so it doesn't happen again, but at the same time, I don't want to miss any good shots.

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