5x7 DIY Drum Processor


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Dec 11, 2011
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Portland, OR
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Has anyone built or knows a link to a site about building 5x7 daylight tanks? I can figure out a cradle & drive, but can't figure out the light-trap for the tank. Thanks for any help.
Mitca had a post about a friend of his that was selling tubes for 4x5 processing that should be capable of doing 5x7 (or 8x10 or whatever size as the idea seemed to be scale-able). Perhaps a larger tube but still doable I think.

Give him a pm if he doesn't drop by.

As a matter of fact the tubes looked really interesting but I lost the link so, if you're listening Mitca.. :)
Why not pick up a existing drum. Look into the unicolor unidrum, it will hold 4 4x5 negatives or 2 5x7 negatives. I was able to pick a couple of drums and a mother base up of eBay for fairly cheep.

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