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Apr 30, 2006
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santa barbara ca
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hey does any one know what kind of processing 6 by 6 film needs.
can you process it with c-41?
or do you need a special kind?
It depends. 6x6 cameras generally take 120 roll film which is available in slide, B&W and C41 colour process. There's also some C41 B&W (I think it's still around).

The answer lies within the lab - if it's a mini-lab, they may not be able/willing to develop or print that size (120). If it's a big full lab, it should be possible. What type of film did you shoot?

6x6 is the size of the film as stated above.
C-41 is a film processing type.
Transparencies are developed using several types of development types, including E-3 (older) E-6, K-6 and K-12 for Kodachrome, and most but not all black and white use the standard development chemicals like D-76, Microdol X, lithochrome (older) etc. Depending on the film type, any one of them will work well, but each have their own advantages.
You will need to research the film types and development types to see which ones you may want to use.

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