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7 Photos from Washington DC (56k Give Up.)


The Naked Spammer
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May 11, 2005
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Houston, TX
I spent all day yesterday in Washington DC, and the weather was spectacular :)
I ended up with this set of 7-

1. This guy wouldn't move for anything! Great model ;)

2. From the Air and space museum at the Smithsonian

3. The Lincoln Memorial

4. Inside the Lincoln Memorial

5. I think I was the only one at the National Gallery not taking pictures of the paintings!

6. One of the buildings of the National Gallery of Art

7. The US Capitol Building

Enjoy, and as always, all levels of comments are welcome :)
Neat series! I went to DC couple years ago. What a beautiful city!
I really like the fifth (much better than taking pictures of paintings ;)) & the second shot, greatly composed! Love the DOF in #1. Well done :thumbup:!
i've been there too, yay!

nice captures....always love to see DC.
Thanks guys (and girl ;) ) I really need to go to DC more often...
It's less than an hour away, and with the Smithsonian, you could spend a week down there without spending a dime. It's a great place :)
Joe I love love love the 5th one :) The others are nice...but that one steals my attention away from them...did I mention I love it :)
How come this morning I only find posts in reply to photos on here that reflect my very own thoughts!
Here I am, going to say "4, 5 and 6" are the ones I like best of the series, and what has JonK said just now (well, some four and a half hours ago, actually, but right before me)?

4, 5 and 6.

So there!
It is true. They are the best.
And 5 is so very "clarinetJWD", it is bestest :D.

But hey, just coming back to my post again to say that I also like the one of the posing... what is it? A mantis?
Well, that green creature in the first...!
They're all nicely composed, but #5 is the standout for me.

Gotta laugh at the praying mantis shot - my favorite bug! :heart: Bless their funny little heads. :)
SUper shots Joe!
#1 what a sweet fella.. neat dof! cool model :mrgreen:
#2 is pretty awesome and the angle and composition on #4rocks :D
#5 is very strong compositionally.. love it.. simple and neat.. love what youve seen!:)
nice abstract qual bout the 6th.. neat comp
thanks for sharing :D

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