70D SD card error problem?

Discussion in 'Canon Cameras' started by dihulahu, Jan 12, 2021.

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    Jan 12, 2021
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    So, I have a 70D Camera, recently got a new Samsung SD card during boxing day, the SD card was working find for a while, but recently when I put it in the camera, it just doesn't read and show card error. When I take it out, and put it back in for like 10-15 times, the camera studdenly is able to read the SD card. I've tried using the SD card with another Canon camera, it has the same problem. I would assume it's becasue of the SD card. However, when I put the SD card to the computer, it's working fine every signle time.
    I've tried other SD cards with the camera as well, the camera reads it no problem.
    Does anyone have similar problem and know what's going on?
    Thank you very much

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    Jan 10, 2021
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    if there's something wrong with a card i usually throw it out. i don't want to take photos only to find out the files are corrupted.

    here's a few things i do to keep my cards working well. format the card in the camera, if you do it on the computer it might not be done right. similarly, just deleting photos on the computer or in camera just isn't the same as formatting the card. you should try this with the card with the error if you want to try something.

    i keep cards exclusive to one camera and not switch them back and forth between cameras, even if the cameras are from the same manufacturer.

    look at the metal contacts, rub an eraser over them to clean any oil or gunk off.
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    What spec is the new card and are you sure it’s within what you camera can read a couple of my early DSLRs will not read correctly the latest and greatest sd cards
    Otherwise sorry agree with above. The only place for a card that is not 100% is the bin or get a refund from where. You got it
    Even if you keep it to one side for the not so important jobs chances are you will one day use it where it really matters and you will curse and kick yourself
    Additionally putting the card into another camera can mess up the shutter count
    Eg if camera A has a count of 2k and you put the same card into another camera B that has a count of 5k
    If you the put the card back into camera A it will reset the count on A to 5k
    This is assuming that you don’t format in each camera every time.
    As you only got it Boxing Day imo send it back as faulty and get a replacement from SOMEWHERE else just to be sure that that card is not part of a bad batch
    Best of luck

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