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Jun 7, 2006
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I am actually really looking for inspiration in the 80's/90's theme. Although I wasn't really alive in the 80's I like alot of style and music that came out of the era. Does anyone have any pics from/about the 80's?
Man, i was born in the early 80's and i cannot really remeber, and if i had any of the pics my parents took... i think i would be quite embarrassed :p. All those horrible out fits, the hair doo's (the sideways ponytail with a scrunchy... ahhh bad memories!!!:p 90's are a blur too... i look forward to seeing what people post:)
All right, Ill go first...



Now try to keep the laughing down would ya.

I actually really like the second picture. And I wouldn't laugh, cause I know when I'm 30 years old I will look at pictures of me from now and be like "Eww I wore that". The styles come and go so quickly that I just wear jeans and a t-shirt so I don't get mixed up.
Btw, what is that animal your holding? A ferret? Its really cute.
Hahaha. Your not old. Your only old if you act old.

My great-grandpa is 93 and blind, yet he uses an excersize bike for an hour-and-a-half a day 7 days a week, watches every baseball game, and eats ice cream and chocolate bars. I still think hes a kid.

Anyway I'm curious to see more pics. Something about the 80's/90's facinates me.
heres a intresting one for you

sorry about the size
that is a 1934 ford coupe hot rod with a custom built grill, a 3 inches chopped out of the roof then the whole body was lowered over the chassis rails and is powered by a ls1 chevy v8. the paint style is tipicaly 1980's and would be classed as a kustom rod (spelt with a k). the car was orignaly built in 1983 and was then rebuilt last year and this picture was taken about 2 weeks ago. if you want some more give me a shout
this has to be one of the most interesting themes i've seen lately.I'm in love with the 80's style, hair-do's, music and some of the clothing.Even though i've spent only the last half of the 80s alive :p (so to speak) i'm really thinking of getting into this, try and find some inspiration for the next couple of shoots.
I was around during that time but can't remember any of it.:no smile:

Lucky if I can remember what I did two days ago.
fredcwdoc said:
I was around during that time but can't remember any of it.:no smile:

Lucky if I can remember what I did two days ago.
We're in the same boat there, hehe.
Right - here you are.




These were already stored online somewhere, for other typical 1980's and 1990's pics I would need to go through my albums, scan them and present them... yawn. Not today. Please.

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