a birds eye view : rural schooling series2


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May 13, 2005
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sweet shots mansi :D love the way the lil girl is lookin up at you in the second shot...both a re super colourful! really gives us a good impression of what school life in rural india is really like. would love to see more of your shots from this series....post post post :thumbsup:
amazing photos mansi! I love the colors! So bold and beautiful.. Nice job
love the colors Mansi. glad to see another awesome post from you :thumbup:
thanks guys :)
hey mans, diggin these both cool, i think the first one is my fav tho, you got the pov just right :thumbup:
I love how the three are sitting so close together in the top right corner of the first photo. Nice capture of the moment. Post more!
thanks both of you :)
Mansi your photography is always so wonderful! Some of the best I have ever seen. It's great to have the time again to see and enjoy your work here on tpf. Both of these shots are awesome I like them very much!
thanks a lot you guys for the awesome comments! :)
lovely colours mansi.....i like the 1st one more....:-D
show more.....everyonez gonna like them:-D
These are great Mansi as always. I just love all the different colors here and also your stamp. You go girl !

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