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Mar 14, 2005
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Glasgow, Scotland
hi all,

finally done with all my exams (for now...) :p
I've had a bit of time this week to do some of the things I've been meaning to do for ages... like work on my website, for instance!

i've had a bit of a redesign (ok, a lot...) and I think it looks better for it. I need a bit of help tho:

1. When the new windows pop up for the images, I'd like to have as clean a window as possible i.e. no white space, no menu bar etc.. Is it possible to auto-adjust each new window to the size of the photo that's opened? And are there any other ways to make the new window "slicker"?

2. I have two computers at home: a fastish laptop and a slooow desktop. On my laptop, the images grey out almost instantly when I hover over them (thats the way I wanted it). But, when I hover over them on the slow desktop, the thumbnails take ages to grey out. Is that just because my desktop is struggling, or is the webpage not pre-caching the grey thumbnails? (I created and uploaded the site from the laptop, so it will have pre-cached all the images anyway).

3. Oh aye, and I just noticed that the window title for all the pages is "home page". I'll get round to changing that at some point :p

I'd love to hear what people think, and any suggestions for improvement - always looking to better meself :)

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lee,

I'm not much good with HTML etc, so can't really help you with your first query - as for the second, the images seem to grey out instantly on my machine, an oldish desktop with a few upgrades, so I assume it's just your machine that is struggling, and not a fault with the site.

Its a good design, with nice images... but did you really find that same Lemur in Glencoe, Glasgow, and Italy? ;)
Hi J,

thanks for taking the time to look at the site :)

A few folks have now said that the images grey-out as intended - phew!

Actually, the space-filler "lemur" is a self-portrait - I'm incredibly offended that you thought it was an animal... :mrgreen:

Best regards,


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