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    This is a true novelty for me. A story less than ten years old.

    Today the local museum had a historical encampment from the revolutionary war period. It's part of their living history series. I'm sure they have them everywhere. So anyway, I loaded up two of my seriously butchered up and cobbled together cameras and then went to make some large format pics.

    I was not there more than thirty seconds before I was distracted. I spent most of my thirty minutes trying to remember what the light meter said, while I explained to some cute middle aged housewife what kind of camera I was using. No it wasn't embarrasing it was fun as heck. At least no one asked me if the camera was revolutionary war period. I guess i could make a camera obscura and a black tent to take along.

    Even the actors got a turn telling graflex stories and asking who develped my film. Using that cut film holder was a great novelty to the visitors. They asked, Did I have to make my own negative material ect. It all convinced me it was time to seriously consider glass plate photography.

    Yeah you're right consider is all I'm ever going to do. Anyway one of the tales of the retro photographer.


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