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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
I went for a walk today and found one of the most impressive dead trees I've ever seen, I really haven't done it justice with my shots at all! I actually had to walk for about 3 miles round hedges to get to a spot where there weren't any power lines in the background though which was a pain but fortunately it's a spot where the sunset will be in view, geuss where I'm going tonight!

Anyway, here's a couple of shots, please comment and criticise to your hearts content...


#2 (high pass filter in PS)
nice tree indeed ....

the second one really looks out of a horror movie :D
Thanks guys. I was thinking 'Evil Dead' when I did the second one! Just got back from there again and the sun had moved around a lot more than I thought it would so no sunset pics with this tree which is a shame, I think it would look great as a silhouette but never mind, maybe I'll get back there in summer and get the shot...
It's really easy to take things like powerlines out in Photo Shop.

Other than that the tree looks great. If you have a tripod you should try a longer exposure on a low ISO. Would make the a lot sharper, as I'm sure you know.
I did take my tripod when I went back there as I was just doing a 'handheld' day earlier, to be honest I haven't sharpened it for this size either so that probably has a bit to do with it. thing about the powerlines is that they went through the trees and were attached to large poles and scaffolds and there were around 20 of them, far more hassle than a walk in some nice countryside!
Very cool tree!
If it isn't too much trouble getting to that spot at night, maybe a full-moon night would be good too. Could look really cool with night clouds and the moon highlighting the branches.
I suppose asking for a full moon and fog would be a bit much ???
Excellent trees... could play with it some more and put it in the dark side! ;) :thumbup:
I'm afraid that spot is a nightmare to get to at night, through a forest (a very spooky one I might add) and then negatiating boggy fields for about 5 miles, that's after having to drive down private roads and I think some people might get funy about it that late at night as well. Although it does sound like a cool shot!

What could be done to 'scare up' a photo? I'm pretty new to photoshop and haven't really got a clue what to do in there...

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