A couple of B&W - Old Buildings

Big Mike

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Dec 16, 2003
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The Gates of Heaven are Closed

No body's Home
look great. How do you get that oval with the faded shadow thing (ingore my ignorance on what it is called).
Lovely tones!!

I love how you've seen the 1st one! :)
Great shots Big M. Really really like the second. The first reminds me of a Ukranian church here on Toronna. Nicely done.
Thanks everyone.

Ya, that's a Ukrainian Church. Borschu, I think it's spelled. My Wife's parents, grandparents & Sister were married there...along with a lot of her family. A lot of her family are buried at the cemetery there as well.

I really like this old building. There are a bunch of them in the area. I like the construction...made with logs and then packed with mud then painted or something. I have a bunch of others yet to process.

I decided to go with the heavy vignette because the environment was just boring. White snow cover and white overcast sky...really makes for featureless landscapes.

Rahb, to make that Vignette I made an oval selection, inversed the selection, then feathered it. Then added a new radial gradient layer, played with the options and then reduced the opacity. Then I touched up the mask to taste.
I like #2. It almost looks like it's made out of a flexible material and was shaped that way.
I really like #1. Great shots!

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