A couple of New York City pics


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Mar 19, 2006
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Hey... i really like the way you've composed photograph #1...neat angle!!!
where 2 is concerned... i do like the exposure and silhouettes, the sky looks great too! but to enhance it compositionally i may try a few crops... for me the black is in excess and is doing pretty much a half and half here.
If it's ok for me to edit and if you have a larger size pic do let me know :)
thanks for sharing :D
here you go...


Picture from NYC!
Well, who knows what photos I shall be able to get when I'll be there in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS :shock: time! Wow. Now time seems to be really flying! It really is that soon now!
These are very interesting! I like your crop of the second, Mansi. The wonderful sky becomes much more prominent.
It is a really wonderful sky you captured there, schawla.

Would you want to meet me while I'll be there?
Any hints as to where to go and what NEVER to miss for a first-timer?
Things to do in New York City... well, beyond the usual Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square areas... I'd say, South Street Seaport is a fun place to visit. Rockefeller Center (especially if the ice skating is still open.) The Bronx Zoo is cool... all sorts of museums (I'm a fan of the Natural History one myself, although if you go, get there early so all the showtimes aren't sold out!) The best thing to do would be to get on a bus... they have these double decker bus tours where you can jump on and off wherever you want, and when you're ready to get back on, another bus will show up in a few minutes. It's a great way to see a lot of the city cheaply, and if there's some place you want to spend more time, you can:
first one is really cool...love the effect and your composition works well. thot it was the eiffel tower for a minute :lol:
mansi....good crop; exactly what i was thinkin :thumbsup:
LaFoto said:
Any hints as to where to go and what NEVER to miss for a first-timer?

LaFoto - I lived in NYC for a few years. You should absolutely go down to the West Village and check out the scene. Also, Union Square is a must, especially on market days, I think Thursday through Sunday?? Get a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery in the Village. I agree, Natural History Museum is super cool. If you want great photos, Coney Island is the place. You should hop the train to Brooklyn and eat pizza at Grimaldi's at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. Chinatown is always interesting but don't buy the bootleg DVD's, they're crap. Little Italy is a tourist trap. Have a wonderful time!

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