A couple of random Memorial Day shots


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Apr 29, 2006
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I got back into photography a few weeks ago, having been out of it for some years. I waited until digital photography allowed SLR type cameras to co-exist at a reasonable price. So, I purchased a Canon Digital Rebel EOS XT, and have been experimenting.

I took a few pictures on Memorial Day, and thought I'd test posting to the forum and share at the same time... :)

Both of these were taken with the standard lens that came with the camera (18-55mm lens), both in B&W mode (from RAW images, which are MUCH larger and have even more detail), one on a tripod and one hand-held (I bet you can guess which is which...hehe)


The above photo is taken of a store front in North Hollywood. The picture is attached to the 'rear' of the glass...


The above photo was taken in a Starbucks. It's not processed very much (a little bit of fiddling with contrast/brightness and adding some sharpness is all). The blur is due to camera motion and a low light subject. I see a demon face in the face of this lady! (yes, it's a lady, even though the picture makes her look like a man)

I'm curious as to whether others think of the 'blur' in the second picture as just 'bad-picture blur' or 'artsy blur'. Does it add or subtract from the photo? To me, this photo only works because of the blur, and makes it almost horrific. What do you think?
I see a demon face in the face of this lady!

That's why I drink decaff!

I myself don't care for blurry photos but that is just me. I'm not saying it's a bad shot.

The first has a bit to much glare for me and I find it distracts.

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