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A duck, a black swan & a cow family.


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Mar 13, 2024
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Australia Victoria
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Just pics from the files...


Nice pics! Love the duck especially.
Cheer's that was one of my first adventures with the d5600, was just starting to learn composition of things...

Gonna magpie up to the reserve soon, got missing swans atm.

One of the youngling's and an adult have been awol for a few months, that left 1 adult and 2 youngling's. Was there the other week ago and could only find the adult.

Been hoping that the missing youngling took flight earlier than his other 2 siblings and went somewhere with mum or dad. The other 2 youngling's seem to have found there wings on went out into the big wide world just leaving the 1 adult there.

I can only tell the difference between the male and female when there next to each other because of the size difference, but i think it's the female thsts still here and her husband/boyfriend is the one missing.

There's only 1 breeding pair out there now, be heartbreaking of that's changed due to a fox?
Nice set! I got a Black Swan in Portland, Oregon of all places. He was very far from home. Love the cows, luckily they didn't stampede you!

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