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A festive Saturday evening in Downtown Martinez, California


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Jan 24, 2024
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Northern California
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I went to this downtown area to do an evening shoot of the restaurants and their outdoor dining arrangements. Much to my surprise I found out when I arrived that they block Main street, and a few others, so they can have live music and dancing in the streets in three or four different locations. This is not a one time thing as they do this Thur, Fri, Sat evenings during good weather. I believe they call it "Music on the Main". They place these bands in front of restaurants who then serve the guests.

Dancin' in the street edited.jpg

Dancin' in the street 2 edited resized.jpg

This mural somewhat depicts the history of Martinez showing our much revered and beloved John Muir, and the house he once lived in to the left. Also, the great baseball legend Joe DiMaggio at the far right...he too once called Martinez home.

History of Martinez full size resized.jpg

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