A few Blue Angel shots

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May 12, 2005
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I have tons of Blue Angel shots. Here's a few for now.








More to come soon, thx for checkem out ;)
dude...these are kick butt awesome. i can't pick a fav but i'm leaning towards #3.
remarkable post M@ko! :thumbup: :thumbup:
AWESOME... yeah, all good, but love the comp on #3!

#5 and #6 also stand out for me... :thumbup:
cool name for planes, we have the red arrows, you have the blue angels.... think i like yours better! great shots :thumbup:
Wow, I loving these shots M@ko. I had a chance last summer to shoot the angels they are awesome and so are your shots. I lovin the first, third and fifth shot! Great work man!!
Sweet shots M@ko... nice to live where they play and train isn't it? I was stationed at Corry Field in the early 70s and lived in Destin the past 8 years. Love the Angels.
Next weekend is Thunder over Louisville - a combination air-show and fireworks display to rival any in the world. It's the opening "act" of the 2 weeks' festivities leading up to the KY Derby. This year the Blue Angels will be flying there for the first time. Can't wait!
Your shots have me more pumped up than before... Thanks,
They are all great. 2 and 4 are my favorites, the only problem I see is the distance-haze dries out all the colors. Did you try increasing the contrast via photoshop or a post-processing program? Might make the planes more vibrant.

The haze though, does give the photos the sense of realism and vastness in the sky...

They are great either way man, good job.
Schmokin shots M @ k o. Tooo tough to pic a fave here man.
awesome series here mako! i love #3... but all really neat shots :thumbsup:

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