A few examples of my HDR attempts


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Aug 5, 2013
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Here are a few of my attempts at HDR over the past few years, wanted to get some opinions.










I think some of these pictures don't need HDR and they could look better with out it (№8 for example) but i really like anther ones. The clouds on the 6th picture are great.
$DSC_0738.jpgHere is the original for number 8, got any recommendations on cleaning it up a bit, grass seems a bit plain.
I think some of these pictures don't need HDR and they could look better with out it

Exactly I don't think any of these images really needed HDR. My next statement may or may not apply to you but it is an observation I have made. This is a problem that a LOT of people who start doing HDR photos have, they don't really understand what HDR really means, they may know that it stands for High Dynamic Range but they dont understand what Dynamic range is. They just see HDR as a easy way to make there photos "pop".
These look more like they're just tone mapped than actual HDR but I forget if we've included that in the qualifications of what constitutes HDR in the forum.
Could catch, I have a few actually HDR's but I only have a 5100 so its really hard to catch those special moments in 3 specific frames when theres a couple seconds between frames. I used Luminance HDR on singe RAW images. Not true HDR but I think they turned out quite beautiful. If HDR like doesn't count I'm fine with my post being moved. :)

This image was 3 different exposures. I used Lummi HDR same programs as the SemiHDR shots from before. If I were going to get one of the "real" HDR programs which one would you guys recommend. I'm thinking about using my student credentials to get the 20 dollar a month Adobe Creative Cloud. Is it worth it? I'm only going to be a student for about 6-7 more months then I assume I'll get bumped up to the full 50 a month.

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