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Jul 17, 2003
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I thought the railing was cool, that is the origional Reno Arch, and my girl..

cool shots ... i love the first and third one ... b&w works hot
1st- I like the perspective its a cool shot, but I dont like the dark bush to the right.
2nd-I always like these shots, reminds me of Tron.
3rd- Your best of the bunch, great light and great look.

Luv the first one..the second one is good but not my bag and the third is very good (IMHO).
I don't normally like B/W but that first one is something special.
1st one- these types of things are right down my alley, I love it. nice eye to see the potetnial and wonderful execution

2nd I like this one to, the lights give an interesting effect, I really hope you had a tripod, or you have the best hands ever

3rd- Wow

very nice deversity on these 3 shots, they're all very different and very good
Undoubtably number three shows the bestof all the artistic aspects of photography. I like the candid nature and what appears to be the available lighting.
any chance wecould get film,camera,apeture,speed,and light?
Shot #3 was a nikon coolpix 995. 3.34 mp I did not record f stop or shutter. #2 was the same camera and #1 Canon d60.
Wow, Jdog, I love your shots. The first one is especially good. It has a certain mysterious quality to it. The second one is also really good, but I feel like something distracts my eye away from the light. The third one is a really beautiful shot too!

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