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Jul 2, 2003
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Thanks for the comments on yesterdays black and white portraits

here are a few more photos i have taken on other subjects, slightly different from yesaterdays!!!! :)

Taken after a storm in a town called southend in the southeast of england

southend peir (i think the longest in the world)

Just a normal bridge i found in southend, tried something different!

taken near canary wharf (the uks tallest building) in londons docklands

docklands again - this is only a statue! the traffic lights do change though!

Reflections off of one of the office buildings in the docklands

and the last is a very typical british tourist type picture of canary wharfs underground station sign!

please let me know your feelings!
oh cool, i love the mood of the first two "after the storm" ... and the feet of the people walking ... i love to do "sneak attacks" on people :lol:

i like the way the sun is kinda peaking through on the second one
the first two pictures really dont do how bad a day it was! the winds were amazing and i found it really hard to keep the camera steady! the amount of sand that was blowing in the wind was incredible! it was really stinging the face as well! what we go though to take pictures :D

the picture of the two people walking away i really like - especailly with both people having the same foot in the air!

like you i love taking "street photography" - its more real than studio work!
concrete and debree is my favorite backdrop :D ... i was snooping through your website :roll: and i notice that most of your subjects (people) are in b&w .... do u prefer shooting people in b&w as opposed to color??
no problem with you snooping (thats what it is there for :) )

i prefer black and white in general - i have just finished a course on photography and the college had access to a darkroom and all the equipment to develop your own film so it was easier (and cheaper!) to use black and white film and produce your own prints

a few months ago we had here in london a alternative fashion week that was free to get into and i used colour film for that - i will be putting those pictures up as soon as i have scanned them in!

but basically i do prefer b+w
most of my inspiration comes from the 60s photographer david bailey (who originally came from my home town in east london) and being the 1960s a lot of his work was in black and white!

how about you?

ps i also like taking pictures of urban decay!
i do prefer to shoot people in b&w, it makes them more interesting to me ....

urban decay, cool!!!! ... in NYC, you would have a series ... lol
Hi Dew

Heres a few websites you might like
http://www.londonstills.com/ has loads of pictures of london, as i am from london i use this website to find interesting places


http://www.in-public.com/index.php contains loads of street photography both in the uk and the us - lot of the pictures contain humour!

do you know of any good sites of new york? i have never been but would love to go one day!

me and my hubby go on "photo hunts" to capture themes in the "streets of New York" ... i like to shoot people when their not paying attention ... or simply strange, odd and peculiar ...

i went to the corner store yesterday and saw this bag lady who was a very interesting character, to say the least ... and i thought, "darn, i wish i had my cam with me" .... i guess from now on, i will take it everywhere ... i think my most interesting shots happen by accident ... its when i try to "plan a moment" in a studio .. i always seem to screw it up :lol:

but i dont know of any sites for "New York" .. but if i come across some, i will let u know
Stop rubbing it in :p It sucks living in the suburbs of Phoenix... I love architecture and city pics but Phoenix isn't really that sort of city.

Those shots are wonderful :D
since i live in concrete ... i would love to get some country side landscape shots :) ... not that im any good at it :p

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