A few Portraits in black and white


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Jul 2, 2003
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any comments please to help me improve! cheers (be kind thank you :D )

First of all, welcome to the forum!

Secondly, I really think these are great shots. Definitely different than your average portrait and you managed to capture a certain mood that I don't often see in this type of photo.

Very well done! I'll be interested to see what others have to say.
The middle one is amazing. The other two are nice but a little contrived. The hair in the face looks carefully placed. But that middle one, wow!

Just some tips from someone who likes to do portraits....peoples best angles are usually slightly overhead and to one side. Also most portraits are done with a longer lens....now that you know that rule, feel free to break it as much as possible.
For what it's worth I'm impressed by all of them but the middle one....Wow!
I'll follow suit and say the 2nd one is superb. Not sure about the 3rd one as she seems to have a "sore" bottom lip. Very good work though Stuart.

PS. What do I know? :roll:
i love all 3, especially the last one ... are u using a digital cam or film???
im guessing film.. im also guessing medium format. I could be wrong.

in any case I think these pictures are absolutly fancastic. I think the compostion of all 3 work very well. I love black and white :)

I hope to see more of your stuff soon.
thanks for all the comments! - i am very pleased with what people have said so thanks :)

i am really just starting out so any advice good or bad is most welcome because i really want to improve my skills and i really do believe that no matter how good you are there is always someone out there better than you who you can learn off!

heres some answers to some of the questions

MDowdey -
the subject is my girlfriend who at first hated to have her pictures but now seems to love it - i found it hard at first to find willing models to practice on, now luckly i have a someone who doesnt mind! if anyone can help, how do you find models to practice on who doesnt cost a small futune!

Darfion -
See what you mean about the lip - she did only recently have both her bottom lip and her tongue peiced!

Dew -
I only have two cameras at the moment - a canon eos 300 slr, which i usrd to take these pictures (the film was ilford hp 400) and a nikon fe2 which is 20 years old, completly manual and great fun to use!

thanks again and i will upload some more soon for you to rip to bits! :D
Stuart (sorry for the essay)
hey StuartShepherd....

as far as getting new subjects, i put an ad in the paper saying that im an amateur photographer looking for interesting subjects ... compensation: free photos ... i got tons of emails.. perhaps you should try that.... i even got emails from up and coming unsigned artist who needed some shots done ... its worth a shot
Awesome... all 3 very good...

2 is :shock: I also love the expression in 3. 8)

Did you develop them? If you did, what developer was used?

I have been able to very slowly persuade the wife to let me practice on her. I just got a 100mm lens so I plan on taking many more portraits. I'll borrow my toddler nephews as well.
S per usual I always seem to prefer things to most here lol
I love the last one, cheeky look in her eye
lovely shots

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