A few shots from a woodlands wander


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Nov 14, 2005
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United Kingdom
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I went for a walk with my wife and friends the other day, took them to a woods where I used to play as a kid, heres a few shots from the day :)

All taken with my new 300mm lens

There used to be horses living in here, now theres a cow!

Just a general shot to show how beautiful the woods are

Please feel free to comment, thanks for looking :)
Looks like a nice spot to go and play with your new lens. What part of the world is this?
Hi Antartican, these were taken in South Wales, UK, only a few minutes from my home, The spot is locally known as The Cwm, it's welsh for The Valley :)
They are a bit "cold" in colours, there is quite a bit of blue mixed into the colours, I mean to say. I love the summer greens more when they are a tad "warmer", with more yellow and red thrown into the balance... but that is just me, I guess.

Anyhow, while I generally and always like photos taken in the woods and those of footpaths (in the woods), of this little series I like the first absolutely best of all!
Hey LaFoto,

Its funny you should say that about the blueness, the lady in the film processing shop said that I'd be better off shooting with Fuji Film as she tends to find its warmer and less blue. I shot these using Kodak Colour 200. Apart from the film what can I do to reduce the coldness of the shot without going into photoshop?

Steve :)
Hmmm :scratch: ... of late I have shot more digital than film, but I once completely changed from Kodak to Fuji because I like their colours better.

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