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Jan 29, 2006
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Not where I thought I'd end up
I went out this morning searching for a mysterious cemeterie in an elusive town hidden in the woods. I feel I drove around it several times and came to the conclusion that a) the town does exist, and b) you can't get there from anywhere. I did however find a few other interesting places on the trip. I hope you like these...






I'm sorry the image size is so small... I let Photobucket resize them and this is what happened. Next time I'll go back to resizing them myself.

As always, comments and critique welcomed.

Well done re 2, 3 & 4. The building in #1 & 6 must be a tiny church, even though it looks to me more like a schoolhouse (with the bell on top). Which of course begs the question of why there are graves outside a schoolhouse. I guess they were tough disciplinarians back then (j/k).
all are super, but #3 stands out for me.

nice series!
another one for number 3, great series :thumbup:
great shots, all of them....i like number three also...but the tree shot...with the graves underneath...
i love that one... i just dig old creepy trees....and that is really cool...
Great series. They look like they've got a slight hint of solarization, or something, which adds nicely to the images. Good stuff :thumbup:
Thanks for the comments... 2&3 do have a little solarization added for effect. #3 is an old wrought-iron monument which someone apparently spray-painted with an aluminum paint. Extremely cheesy but looks cool in B&W. #1 may have been an old schoolhouse or post-office back in the day but may well have been a tiny chapel also. It's in a tiny village of perhaps 20 homes - mostly farm community. And very old - established 1820s.
Great shots. It is not very often you see RIP on a stone. Nicely done.
Thanks again for the comments. Positive response from the Masters Of The Dark are very encouraging. Inspiring...

Anicole - I must have missed your question earlier... The town is called Schluersburg (MO) and is one of the few towns that survived a "takeover" by the government and Army in the years leading up to WWII. Seems the Army needed a place (80,000 acres) to manufacture TNT for bombs and also conduct work on the A bomb. They moved into the area, gave everyone in the area 30 days to move out, and promised to buy all the farms, businesses, homes, etc. for fair market-value. Long story short, the government reneged on the deal. Local officials and Washington big-wigs, some Army brass, lawyers, and land agents drug things out in court while lining their own pockets. Most of the tenants never got a penny and lost everything. Two of the little towns (Howell and Hamburg) were completely razed and have disappeared completely. I've been reading a book called The Rape Of Howell And Hamburg which details everything via original letters, documents, and photographs during the whole period. Pretty interesting piece of history. Anyway, Schluersburg is one of the little towns in the middle of this area (Femme Osage is another - where the above photos of the schoolhouse/chapel were taken). I know it's there somewhere because my brother-in-law has been many times. He says there is an old German Catholic cemetery there with large statues, angel, cherubs, saints, etc. Many of the stones date to the early 1800s. I'll find it - maybe next weekend.

Aren't you glad you asked ??????????? :lmao::lmao:

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