a good school

Can't help with school, but once you know how to control the camera, shoot some film and then shoot some more. Best of luck
depends on your goals. if you want to pursue a career in photography, you really don't need school; you need a good portfolio. if you just want to learn the basics and work from there on your own, there are plenty of good correspondence schools like nyip (www.nyip.com).

outside of those, boston university has a good program and you'll never regret spending time in boston.
if it is Photojournalism you are going for missouri university is one of the best in the USA. if you are looking for artistic photos, go with an art school (san fran art institute.) I too would say you dont NEED photo school, but it is a great place to meet new people in your field, and you will still learn alot of stuff that other wise may take you longer. Also if you want to do photo but you want/need to go to school... may as well do somthing you like.
I just graduated high school and considered go to school for photography. I looked into New York University, Louisiana State University (only cuz i live in LA), Savanna college of art and design, and Brook Institute of photography
good lawd, how could i forget rit? great school, too.

if you plan to degree in photography, make sure that the school teaches the technical along with the creative. many schools teach only the creative; composition, alternative processes, etc. and most of those students end up.....not doing photography. how do i know this? spent over a decade in the photography circuit.

it's a balance..... creative and technical.

be cautious, but don't lose the passion over the decision.
I haven't looked into it much, but it was one of hte names my jphotograph teacher mentioned as being good

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