A great lighthouse


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Feb 16, 2006
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On a beautiful day like this, surrounded by such natural beauty, who wouldn't want to be a lighthouse keeper? Unfortunately this gem is now automatically controlled. Ah well, I'll stick with the day job! For more info go to http://photoreflect.blogspot.com

A question Tony: the photos that you send to your blog and here daily ... have you also taken them on the very day you post them?
Does this mean you go out to all those lovely places and walk the grounds and see the things and later actually manage to pick out one, only ONE photo (of many more that you take, I would assume, well, I would if I were in that place) and post it along with your thoughts on it?
If so, then I envy you (for your chance to go and see those beautiful places) and admire you (for your detailed thoughts on your images, and for the ability to make your choices!).
Well Corinna, sometimes I do and sometimes I don't! I went to North Wales for a few days last week, and out of the 300 or so shots I took I've identified 4 or 5 for posting. Sometimes I do take and post on the same day, but usually its a day or two later.

Regards, Tony


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