A Little Cemetery Time


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Feb 29, 2004
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We only had about 15 minutes before the security guards were chasing my daughter and I off. :lol:



love em, i think the angle you have caught #3 from is crack on, great set of photos.
And once again, what marvellous sculpture.
Security guards?
On a cemetery?

I really like your last photo here!
I like them all, but the last is extra special.

By our very own in-forum definition of "dark side" - are ANY cemetery photos "dark side"? I don't quite get it.
Oh wow, you got some good shots there! Nice detail in all 3, but the pov on the last one makes it extra special. Isn't it a shame that the guards feel they have to chase off people taking pictures?
great captures...... i especially like the third one, good light :thumbup:
These are awesome shots. Love all three.
The guards here know my car, so I always playing cat and mouse with em now.:lol:
Really great work - In particular the composition in 2 and 3 is amazing. It certainly is a shame that people feel the need to chase you away just for taking photos. For anyone else considering taking photos in a cemetery I'd say don't be put off by what other people might think - you're not being disrespectful unless you're disturbing the privacy of mourners, taking shots of a funeral service etc. That the guards want to chase you away says less about you and more about the complete inability of our culture to deal with death that means we think cemeteries are best avoided at all times, and that anyone who refuses to do so must be abnormal.
Really neat pics. I think that my favorite is #2. The tree seems to frame the statue, and makes it seem very Gethsemene-esque. Great work
Thanks guys. Almost all of the cemeteries that I've shot in had security guards on patrol. This one in particular (Forest Lawn) has a lot of reproductions of famous artworks around the place but has an very strict policy of no professional photography being allowed. Funny since they advertise it quite heavily out here and even give tours. After 3 seperate lengthy conversations with the security guys, I think I have them pretty well convinced that I'm just an average joe taking photos of the pretty statues. I'm sure it helped to have a teenager with a point n shoot along. We'll see what happens when I return for some more photos later. :lol:

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