A little exultation


Mar 2, 2005
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Washington State
Sweet! I have to gloat a little bit now. Bear with. :D

I work for a company called Northwest Computer. We're a computer company that builds computers mainly, but also repairs, and has a retail store where we sell parts and all sorts of stuff. We're a major supplier of computers to schools and businesses around here. I work in the build department as a systems engineer; on all our lines of notebooks, we were installing a background with our logo, and I didn't like it. So I took one of my pictures (a night shot overlooking Bellingham), worked on it a bit, and redid the company logo and slogan. I showed it to the owner, and he loved it! So I now have a photograph and graphic design being sent out on every laptop that leaves Northwest Computer!!! :mrgreen:
cool, lets see it if you allowed
Thanks guys =) Here she is. I'm not as happy with it as the owner of the company is, but I'm psyched that they want to use it regardless.


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